The Amethyst Hotel, Keel, Achil

The Amethyst Hotel in Achill was built before the 1890's.  It sits opposite The Beehive cafe and craft shop in Keel. 
I photographed the Amethyst in September 2010.  At this time it housed a window art gallery at its front.

It is a large building which had 21 bedrooms which over time   were changed into bedsits.  There is also a large bar and restaurant and  front lobby.   

The Amethyst Hotel was probably once quite grand; it houses a  wealth of memories. Irish artist Paul Henry stayed there in 1910.  John Lennon had dinner there in 1967. 

There are also memories that are quietly compelling; an old map of Achil leans against a wall, a pile of ironing waits, a ledger lists charges in 1972, a newspaper sits open on an unmade bed and in a bedsit a box of Choco Pops spills onto the floor. 


In March 2011 Mayo County Council granted a local developer permission to demolish the historic Amethyst Hotel  and construct a two-storey building comprising of a public house, shop, apartment and  house.  Local residents have objected to this development. An Bord Pleanala is due to make its decision on the case in August  2011.




  1. Lovely pics. I have fond memories of the place. Pity that it will be knocked down, lots of history attached to the place.

  2. I was back there a few weeks ago. Not much has changed. I think the planning decision is being appealed this month. Though permission has already been granted. It's very interesting in there. All the old menu's are still there in the old currency.

  3. It is very "achill" as I remember it, almost mediteranean in style. The Pottery Shop and the Bervie are also in this style and so unique.

    I think there should be some way to encourage people to preserve these buildings rather than destroy them and replace them with new builds that are not sympathetic to their surroudnings. Much of this country is already destroyed with ugly and empty new buildings. People do not realise that a building like the Amethyst has such character, something money cannot buy.


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