The Ursuline College, Sligo

Classroom with Blue Paint
Derelict classroom in the Scoil Aine building

In 2006 the Ursuline College in Sligo sold some of its school buildings.  This included the convent, Scoil Aine and the gatehouse.  The Department of Education was not interested in purchasing these buildings and instead a developer bought them.  Planning permission has been given to convert the buildings into a nursing home.  There is no sign of any work starting and two of the buildings have become derelict.  
The following pictures show the derelict school and gatehouse building.

Peeling Paint
View from the Ledge
Keep our Tabby in!
Art Room
BB Gun
Transition Year Project
Gatehouse and Scoil Aine
Ransacked Gate House
Socks drying over the range
Sewing Box
Elphin Diocesan pilgrimmage to Lourdes, 1932
Raffle Tickets
Family Cards
Pin cushion



  1. The picture you have described as raffle tickets is actually a box of donation envelopes for the diocese of Elphin. What happens is each household has a box of envelopes with a specific number on them. At the end of the year a list of the donations received from each number is published in the parish bulletin, and because only the specific household knows their number your neighbours don't know how much money you gave. But God knows. He knows everything!

  2. The first classroom in Scoil Aine used to be our classroom when I was in Second year- we loved it for many reasons-it along with the art room and other prefabricated geography rooms were totally isolated from the rest of the school- main building- this meant that if a teacher had a class in the main building - she could never make it on time for a class in scoil Aine. Also it meant you had a good excuse to not be on time for a class in the main building.
    The classrooms in Scoil Aine were so primary schoolish- high deep windows and wooden floors- I liked this also. Lastly the building was so close to the gate- so you had a quick and easy getaway! Those were the days- back in the mid eighties!

  3. PS- it's a shame to see it so derelict- the result of being left unused. I remember those big storage heaters so well- that was pre new extension and gym days.

  4. Any pics guys ? Love to see them I'm in the Ursuline at the moment :) We all think those parts are haunted haha the seniors now have great times scaring the first years so much that a nun hung herself in the gate house and ghosts at the old part of the building !


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