Beauty of the Abandoned

Jacobs Biscuits
Medicine Cabinet

There is beauty to be found in the derelict and abandoned.  The aging and decaying process, the act of paint peeling off walls and objects rusting has an aesthetic quality.

Tea Tray

 These hidden museums preserve a life style that has long past, yet remains trapped in the present.  This 'vanishing present' is a temporary space that must be recorded before it disapeers.


Window into Bathroom

The bathroom and the view into it no longer exist.



Living room 

In this interior view of a living room the camera cannot record properly what I saw through the window.  The room was in perfect condition, yet vines grew around the entire interior.  In this photo they can be seen creeping over the back of the sofa.

Carpet Plants

In this abandoned cottage plants have colonised the carpet.

Marian Cottage 1954
Door and Gate of Marian Cottage

Derelict doors have their own beauty.  They are usually paned with frosted glass and this would never be used nowadays because of health and safety regulations.  The style of the doors is also a thing of the past, the paintwork reflecting a past that seemed more cheerful and colourful than the magnolia and laminated wood style of the present.

Shop Door

A visit to some abandoned spaces reveals beauty created by function.  At this abandoned dwelling random items remain stored on a window sill.  An abandoned stove lies on its side, filled entirely with shoes. 

Cubby Window

Stove filled with Shoes

Sewing Bag

Views through windows are a particular favourite of mine.  This picture shows an view through an interior window in a derelict hotel.  This hotel is due to be demolished in favour of a new complex.

Interior Window

Residents Only


Ghost Estate
 Ghost estates have become the new abandoned space.  They have their own beauty.

Church Interior

Church Interior
Church Window
There are many different types of abandoned place; I am fascinated with them all. 


Grand Entrance


Sometimes I am lucky to find places that have not been vandalised and are just crumbling away.  These pictures of the interior of an old barracks show a faded opulence.  Expensive ornate furniture has been left behind to rot away in this quiet place.

Bee in Glass


Peeling paint is one of the most beautiful features of dereliction.  As it crumbles away, older layers of colours are revealed so that we see a cross-section of time in one gorgeous 'painting'.

Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint

Over time nature reclaims the derelict and abandoned, everything goes back to the earth.  An apt metaphor for life.

Mushroom Wall

Mushroom Wall


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