Walk the Line. A photographic essay of a disused railway.

Cow on the line between Coolaney and Carrowmore
In 2007 I began to document the disused rail line that runs from Collooney in Sligo to Claremorris.   The plan was to Walk the Line;  this proved harder than initially thought.  The line closed in 1975 and residential development since then often encroaches upon it.  When walking the line I often found that I was walking through someone's garden or on their farm.  Though this land belongs to Irish Railways any building that has since been built on the rail side of the road has to cross the railway.  

Electric Fence on the Line  
Driveway on the Line

 I walked from Coolaney to Carrowmore Station.  I abandoned this project when a dog followed me from a farm.  Though a friendly little fella, it ended up getting completely lost; I'm not sure if it found it's way home.   I would like to continue this project at some point.  It is fascinating to walk the line; it gives a different view into the surrounding countryside and it is always interesting to be in a place where others rarely go.  

View from a derelict crossing house

Disused railways are fantasic linear nature reserves, with trees growing through the tracks and wildlife all around. 

Vegetation Line.  Plants take over the line and a partial ghost estate can be seen in the background.

It is always interesting to see how these spaces are used in human terms also.  In my experience derelict spaces are always used in one way or another.  Most interesting of all to me are the train stations and crossing houses that litter the line. 

Coolaney Train Station - with washing.

I was very fortunate to be allowed into Coolaney Train Station to take photographs.  After the station closed it was used as a residence for a number of years.  It is now derelict, although its owners still use the platform to dry washing. 

Coolaney Station bathroom - with ticket office.     


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