Seafield House. Sligo.

On a sunny afternoon in May I paid a visit to Seafield House in County Sligo.  I didn't happen upon the house by chance, I had been trying to find it for a few years.  I didn't realise that I was driving past it nearly every week, so in the end finding it seemed almost easy. 
Seafield House.  Co. Sligo.

Seafield House and Knocknarea. 

 Seafield House or Lisheen House is well known.  Built in 1798 for the Phibbs family; it is rumoured to be haunted by a poltergeist.  The paranormal activity in the house was thought to be linked to some artifacts from the Middle East that were kept 
in a museum room in the house.

Seafield House before dereliction Image courtesy of landedestates.nuigalway.ie

Nowadays Seafield House is a ruined shell.  All that remains are the external walls.  Trees and vines are taking over the husk of the house in a really beautiful way.   
Even the graffiti around the inside of the house has it's own beauty.


Empty Shell

Looking up

Interior with Graffiti

I didn't visit Seafield in search of ghosts and I didn't find any.  Lots has been written about the house and the 
 paranormal activity that is reported to inhabit it.  
My experience on both  visits to the house was peaceful.visited with a friend and alone with my dog and I was happy enough whiling away the hours taking photographs.  
The only visitation I experienced was from a lady from Limerick who came to the house in search of paranormal activity.  We both agreed that Seafield House did not seem creepy in the slightest. 

Inside Seafield House

Nature takes over

The only thing that puzzles me is how the house has fallen apart so quickly in the 80 years since being dismantled. It is strange that it is so decayed.  I wonder if that is because it is built from brick and not stone.

For more information on Seafield House and to experience an amazing 360 degree view of the interior - visit

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