Dream Home

Dream Home
I found this example of Celtic Tiger dereliction quite by accident.  I had planned to visit another house and when looking for a parking space, stumbled upon this one.   Sitting in the car with a friend, the two of us were a mirror image of eachother - jaws dropped to the floor.

Grand Entrance
The house has 3 floors; the ground floor consists mostly of double garages, laundry and staircase.  The first floor is very grand.  Its main feature is a beautifully crafted wooden staircase.
Wood is a feature throughout the house.  Ceilings and walls and floors are panelled with wood; most of the wall panelling has been ripped out.

Wooden Staircase

There is a grand window looking out from the landing area, this has been smashed, as has every other window in the building.  On the second floor there is an antique stained glass church window, inlaid into a wall.  This has also been vandalised.

Picture Window

Antique stained glass window with chest of draws
The kitchen and living area also reflect the high level of finish in this dream home.  In the kitchen the worktops are granite and the dining area sits in an overhanging window.  The living area has views of the surrounding countryside.  A door off the living room leads outside into a raised decking platform. 

Window with granite worktop
This domestic luxury  is contrasted with its vandalism.  It is obvious that a highly organised gang has broken in and stolen all they can take.  All over the house walls and floors have been ripped out in the search for copper piping.  This gang knew exactly where to look.
The vandalism is causing water damage.  In the living area a large bag of water hangs suspended from the ceiling.  On our second visit this bag was in the process of bursting.  Water had flooded the living area and was seeping through the walls into surrounding rooms.

Study with water bubble

A calendar on the wall suggests that the house was vacated in early 2009.  The vandalism seems much more recent.  At present the house is in good condition.  Though if its is left in its current state it will deteriorate fast.
It is tempting when seeing a house left like this to think about taking something.  It is smashed up and open to the elements and further petty vandalism.  Its features will probably get completely destroyed by vandalism.  This house does belong to somebody though.  It was somebody's home and it is likely that the owners are still paying for it.  This home was somebody's dream, and that dream is being destroyed.  I would not like to be part of its further destruction.

Box of family photos



  1. That is a sin! What a shame.

  2. Yes but have we learnt from all this speculating. We are surrounded by religs of the quick buck culture and it makes for good imagery especially for our bitter sweet side we do so well. I would be frightened that we could be in danger of doing it all again. Gas extraction is the next get rich fast venture perhaps, but there mightnt be any coming back from that one. I hope that any regrets are learnt from and we appreciate what we have. Better still we need to stop being voyeurs and become more active in our destiny, before its too late.

  3. Just as a matter of interest.. have you sought permission to enter any of these premises?

  4. wow what a disgrace! and wat a waste of building material!! :(


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