Derelict Convent

Derelict Convent

The Derelict Convent is a large, sprawling building containing a church and living accommodation.  It has been left in a derelict state for a number of years. 

Convent with Fence

While the Convent sits boarded up within its derelict grounds, a housing estate surrounds its perimeter.  It's a strange contrast between two different worlds, living side by side. 

Vandalised window with view into housing estate

Two Worlds
The housing estate is overshadowed by the vandalised convent.  Inside the building all is still and quiet; yet the sounds from outside leak in, and they seem out of place.  Sounds of children playing and grass being cut are contrasted with the silence and austerity of this religious building.

Church and Vandalised Font


Marble Pillar

The convent is an impressive and imposing building thats only function now is as an unusual and dangerous playground.  It is possible to walk in to the building through the unlocked doors.  Upstairs all the floorboards have been stolen, leaving only the rafters. 

Stolen floorboards and vandalised walls

The dereliction of the Convent also shows some things of natural beauty.  There is some amazing fungus growing in the kitchen. 

Wall Fungus
Kitchen with Fungus

Fungal Electricity

The most impressive part of the Convent is its church.  It is a beautiful part of the building, yet the stained glass is now smashed up and the font lies smashed on its side.  This building is 150 years old and must house many memories.


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