The Derelict 1990's. Derelict Nation at Little Green Street Gallery, Dublin

I am showing some photographs at Fresh Prints:  90's Nostalgia Exhibition, Little Green Street Gallery, Dublin.  The show opens on Thursday 17th May until 22nd May.  This is what I am showing. 

The Nirvana In Utero picture was left on the wall of a semi-derelict hotel in Swinford, Mayo.  It was assembled in the 1990's by Conor Walsh.  Conor is now in his mid-thirties.  The Nirvana picture has sat on the wall of the hotel since he placed it there. 

I came across the Blur woodwork project in an abandoned dwelling in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo.  The building was largely boarded up and appeared to have been a teenage hangout in the 90's; I could tell this by dating the graffiti on the walls.   I found the Blur sign in one of the bedrooms.  It must have fallen off the wall at some point and now sits on the floor as a relic of the late 20th century.  

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