Creepy House.

Creepy House. This derelict cottage is a teenage drinking spot in Maugherow, Sligo. It is not the chairs, used aerosols and wierd Slipknot inspired graffiti that unnerved me here, but the strange flashing lights I saw through the window as i approached the house. Nobody was inside. I have visited hundreds of derelict spaces, I suppose it is bound to happen that one time I will see something that I can't explain.


  1. Always glad to see your posts - just wish they were more frequent but I guess you have a lot of other work demanding your attention. Nevertheless, more please....

  2. Thanks so much. I do find it hard to get the time these days. Young children, work, the usual. More posts coming soon. I'm out taking pictures every weekend, have a back log of work that needs to be posted! Regards, Sarah.


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