Hidden Enniscrone

Enniscrone is a small seaside village and is situated along the Atlantic Ocean in county Sligo on the Northwest coast of Ireland, 7km from Ballina, Co Mayo and 64 km from Sligo town. It is ideally located for touring the north west scenic routes. It is one of Ireland's most beautiful and inspiring seaside towns, and is one of the best-known holiday centres in the Northwest.

Abandoned Window

Enniscrone has a hidden beauty that will not be seen in any tourist brochure.  A walk around the town reveals a number of unused homes and businesses, all from various different times.

Church for Sale

Garage Door

Warning Sign

These are integral to the town, but largely ignored by locals and tourists.

Drinks Menu

Abandoned Garden

Abandoned spaces evoke memories; my Gran had this exact same garden wall.  They are not made anymore.  I like the way that this empty dwelling has become integrated into the fabric of the main street so that it becomes unnoticed.  A board advertising a nightclub is erected in the garden, this is an unusual contrast to the house.


Keep Out

Derelict Sky

In one dwelling I found some amazing crumbled paintwork...

Window Sill


Blur or Oasis?

An era within an era.  In the bedroom of an old house I found a secondary school woodwork project sitting on the floor.  Above it on the wall, a hole where it must have been nailed up.  It must have been sitting where it fell for at least 20 years. 

Historic Graffiti

Graffiti within the house is from the 1990's; this tells me that the woodwork project must have been from the same time.  The house was mostly boarded up and it seemed as if no one had been in there for a long time.  Was it a teenage hang out in the 1990's?  


Rusted Lock

Empty Space

Every town, city and village has abandoned spaces.  Places where time stands still, apart from the inevitable decay.  These are secret scenes, hidden views.  They are where you live, they are everywhere.

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