Exhibition: Museum of Abandoned and Bereaved Objects

Museum of Abandoned and Bereaved Objects showed at room @ The Model, Sligo from 3rd - 29th July 2012.  My exhibition combined sculpture and photography, focusing on found abandoned objects from derelict spaces.

Entrance to the Exhibition

The video piece from the exhibition can be viewed here.

Abandoned Objects in Wax with Lightboxes made from Abandoned Drawers.

Abandoned Keys, Candle and Rosary Beads in Wax. 

The sculptural pieces in the exhibition combine found objects with wax and paper.  Candles, keys, rust, pictures, rosary beads, glasses and other objects are encased within these substances.

Objects captured in wax.

I use wax and paper because they are temporary substances.  I like the idea of the temporary because the objects have outlasted their owners, and the fact that they are left behind signifies the temporary nature of life. 

Swish Dry Shampoo in paper.
Net Curtain in Beeswax.
House Number in Paraffin Wax.
Hotel Leaflet in Paper.
Installation Shot.
Click here to view more work from the exhibition. 
Click here to view a post about Museum of Abandoned and Bereaved Objects by Magnum Lady. 

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