Post Office in Donegal

Post Photo

I recently visited the beautiful county of Donegal and found an empty post office and dwelling.  From looking at calendars and leaflets in the post office it appears that it closed in 1986; and that perhaps residents continued to live in the house attached to the Post Office for some time afterwards.

Post Office

Post Office Savings Bank

There were many interesting museum pieces in the building; such a shame they are being left to rot.  I photographed an old ledger that had items listed as early as 1927.  I also saw some old leaflets that dated back to 1914.  An absolutely fascinating place.

Correction Slip Table from 1920's

Within the main house I found some beautiful artefacts.  These were very hard to photograph because the windows of the house were boarded up, so I have had to use flash photography.  The television in the living room is a rare find. 


Teddy Bear


Buttons and Medals


Jesus Plate


Click here to view more photos of this abandoned Post Office in Donegal.

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  1. Please could you contact me rgarding that bear in the post office in donegal. I know this is a funny request, but that is identical to a bear i had from birth until two years ago. I thought he was unique, and he was lost in tragic for me circumstances...id happily pay for him if you had contact details for the owner, or would travel to donegal if you would give me the location. andy.malcolm1980@gmail.com


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